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May 2017 - Reel aMounts Version 8.6 Released
Reel aMounts Reporting Centre Updated

Small improvements to make the fastest reel counter available even faster and Reel aMounts Reporting Centre even more versatile

Reel aMounts can already count a reel in under 1½ seconds. How do you make it any faster?

The answer is to speed up all the operations that surround counting. The unmatched integration facilities incorporated in Reel aMounts mean that the operator is not only counting a reel, but at the same time using the system to –

  • Add to a database a complete traceability record, including 28 items of information about the individual count. All the data collected can be viewed using over 180 reports in Reel aMounts Reporting Centre. These include complete batch traceability by unique reel ID and attrition reporting and costing for each build.
  • Re-label the reel in a format to the user's requirements, using any of 25 fields relating to the count. All information can be shown as human readable, bar code or both.
  • Calculate batch attrition, based on work order details and BOMs. Reel aMounts can automatically take into account any scrap factors already in place for loading and placement losses.
  • Update an ERP system, warehouse management system or both. The data passed can be used to ensure accurate inventories, corrected for attrition, record the release of a reel for further use ...
Speeding up the optional bits

Reel aMounts is extremely flexible in adapting to your processes. If you want to record extra information, both for the count record and to be passed to your ERP system, that is easily configured. If you want the option of printing multiple labels, that is there.

To allow operators to take advantage of this, while still working as fast as possible –

  • Reel aMounts now allows multiple labels to be requested with a bar code scan, in the same way as single labels are printed. Removing the need for the operator to use the mouse or keyboard speeds up the whole process flow considerably, so we want to make sure that remains norm.
  • Verification of part codes entered, additional information input, even the physical movement of the operator – placing a reel on the scales and scanning a bar code – are monitored by the software to allow the fastest possible cycle time, whilst still trapping any errors that might lead to incorrect information being entered.
More flexible reporting

For many reports in Reel aMounts Reporting Centre, the user can select a date range to report on. This functionality has been updated so that the user can now specify both date and time for the start and end points if desired.

To learn more about Reel aMounts – click on the link below.

Introducing Reel aMounts

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