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Twenty five years' experience in electronics manufacturing ... and more

Seratel has worked with leading companies world-wide in the electronics industry, including 5 of the top 10 EMS companies and OEMs such as Qualcomm and Sony.

We have also worked in medical, pharma, food and drink, clothing and consumer products with leading, multi-national companies in these fields, such as Baxter, Allergan, Portwest, Braun, Hollister and Coca-Cola.

We specialise in designing and implementing innovative, efficient and responsive solutions – maximising the use of technology to allow people to work more effectively.

Seratel has particular experience in connecting the "real world" to IT systems and also in interfacing legacy applications with state-of-the-art software.

We have successfully implemented robust and scalable solutions on many different platforms, from Raspberry Pi to IBM mainframes. We have installed systems in 14 countries across 3 continents.

Some sample projects

Braun – Consumer products. Design, code and implement an incoming inspection system. Using statistical quality control (SQC) to determine levels of inspection and statistical process control (SPC) to analyse the tolerances of parts supplied.

Portwest – Workwear. Design and implement a complete hardware and software solution for factory control, ordering, sales, picking, shipping, invoicing etc.

Allergan – Pharmaceuticals. Design, code and implement a networked quality control system to monitor filling of bottles with eye care solutions. Operators guided through multiple measurements with data captured directly from electronic weighing scales. Statistical analysis (SPC) of results.

Braun – Consumer products. Design, specify and implement multi-protocol inter-networking between IBM System I, PCs and data capture terminals.

Coca-Cola Atlantic – Beverages. Improve and simplify procedures for creating export/shipping documentation.

Network Equipment Manufacturer – Electronics. Design, code and implement a traceability system for electronic products. The system ensures correct routing and testing of all items through all stages of production, including rework where necessary. It automatically captures data from nine different makes of test equipment including ICT and functional test rigs – some based on obsolescent technology. Traceability is maintained as boards are built into assemblies or split down again.

Allergan – Pharmaceuticals. Design, code and implement a quality control system to monitor production of plastic containers. Operators guided through multiple measurements with data captured directly from electronic callipers. Statistical analysis (SPC) of results.

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