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May 2016 - Reel aMounts Version 8.3 Released

Extending the versatility of ERP updates to correct for attrition

Allowing for multiple label attachments in each production use

Support for longer part codes and user reel IDs

Updated Reel Magic technology ... and more

Reel aMounts has again been enhanced to ensure that it continues to meet all the very different needs of a wide customer base.

Extending the versatility of ERP updates to correct for attrition

Reel aMounts can already calculate the attrition (unplanned component loss) for any work order and the system allows inventory corrections to be posted automatically to a warehouse management system and/or ERP system. It does this by comparing the material actually used to the number of components placed on boards, calculated from BOMs and work order details.

However, some companies already have a nominal allowance for expected losses in either their BOMs, material master, or both. Reel aMounts can now take into account that systems may already have been updated with these predicted losses and can still produce the appropriate, final inventory correction, which can either write off or write on parts as appropriate.

Allowing for multiple label attachments in each production use

Reel aMounts automatically allows for extra labels added to a reel during its lifetime. Since the system counts by weight and these labels will add to the weight of the reel, this facility is essential.

In some plants, a series of labels may be attached to a reel during each production cycle. For example a label may be added at kitting showing the work order that the reel is assigned to. Reel aMounts can handle any such regular process, even where multiple labels of different weights are added in each cycle.

Some plants though may place a different combination of labels on the reel during the time it is received, issued and first returned, compared to later production cycles. Reel aMounts can now handle this situation automatically, ensuring that accurate counting is maintained without any operator involvement.

Support for longer part codes and user reel IDs

Reel aMounts now supports part codes of up to 25 characters. Reel IDs or licence plate numbers assigned by your ERP or warehouse management system can be up to 40 characters.

Updated Reel Magic technology

The patented Reel Magic technology in Reel aMounts has been further refined. It is now in its tenth generation.

Handling additional user information

Reel aMounts has the ability to collect additional information from the user each time a reel is labelled, either from manual input or from a bar code scan. This information will be included in the count record in the Reel aMounts database. It can also be printed on the label and included in the information exported to other systems.

Where the user is scanning an existing bar code label, the data may include a "Field ID" or prefix. Reel aMounts can look for and remove this automatically if required.

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